Worship Now: Here's How  

Have you ever wanted to be able to play the keyboard for church services? Do you wonder how people can take the symbols on chord charts and make beautiful music out of it? Well, this book is the answer to your questions and desires. Here is your opportunity to learn to play the keyboard from a chord approach! With this book, you have the option of studying with a group, studying with a private tutor, or studying on your own. Any way you choose, you will certainly be successful!

Worship Now: Here’s How starts at the beginning level for anyone who wants to learn the keyboard, or anyone who just wants to understand more about music theory. You will be taught how to read chord charts by reading treble clef notation for the right hand, and chord symbols for the left hand. Also included in this book is instruction on how to improvise simple melodies, how to harmonize chords with a melody, how to transpose and play in every key, and beginning steps of how to compose. With all these skills, you will be able to play fluently from a chord chart. Then, you can confidently play keyboard on a worship team!