Love Revealed resonates with the passion and longings of the God of Israel for the children of Israel through a masterfully woven modern-day classical oratorio based on the ancient texts of the Hebrew prophets. A deeply moving experience. Marney Blom, Journalist, Acts News Network

Esther Upham Aluoch is a thoughtful and deeply committed artist with the humility, discipline and earnestness of purpose necessary to channel her rare gifts and remarkably developed skills into the service of a high and holy call–that of honoring the God she serves by being a blessing to His chosen people Israel. God has honored her in this endeavor by releasing through her the exalted melodies, harmonies, orchestrations and choruses which adorn and serve as wings for the ancient and holy texts of this wonderful oratorio. And more, I believe that this work truly is a gift and a blessing to the House of Israel, for such a time as this. The carefully and lovingly arranged libretto, like those of Handel’s Messiah and Brahms Requiem before it, powerfully portrays the love of the Creator for Humankind and His redeeming work to bring them back to Himself. Yet, the messages of these texts were originally, specifically, and poignantly related to Israel. Now at last, they are here restored in the ancient language in which they were written which has also been restored. The rapt attention of the captive audience in Jerusalem at its premier, the encore of a chorus from Isaiah 53 by the orchestra and choir all attest to the fact that God was indeed blessing His people… and that Love was being Revealed. Martin Sarvis, Musician, Leadership Council Member of Nations Standing with Israel