We are  available to minister and to be a blessing and encouragement to your ministry or church.

What We Do

CTHIM Ministry is available for various kinds of ministry initiatives that you may have within your local church community 

General Church Service.

You can invite Prophet Theodore & Esther to preach or minister at one of your Sunday services. We take each invite prayerfully before God and seek to bring a prophetic word to each congregation.

Evangelistic Events

We preach the gospel of the Kingdom with the aim of outreach to non-believers. Often in these meetings, we will also pray for the sick, cast demons out, encourage the broken hearted, the weak, who are believing for God to confirm His Word with signs and wonders following.

Healing and Deliverance Service

These are meetings Prophet Theodore will specifically bring a message that will aim to build up faith in Jesus for healing leading to a time of ministration and impartation, where we lay hands on the sick people for healing and also conduct mass deliverance prayers

Equipping Meetings

As travelling ministers, Prophet Theodore & Esther are also known for their dynamic and transforming anointed teaching ministry. You may want to invite us to a Bible school, small group or leadership class, where Prophet Theodore will teach God’s word on Kingdom principles or subjects such as “Prayer and Intercession” or “Spiritual Gifts”  “demonology” “Healing and deliverance” “ End time Prophecy”

Worship and Psalmist Meetings

Worship minister and Psalmist Esther Aluoch   has been serving as a psalmist at a house of prayer for the past seven years, leading worship and prayer sessions. She also travels as a minister, teaching music in order to enable others to worship God with their gifts and talents. Whether to Churched or Un-Churched, we would love to minister at your meeting or event with songs of worship.

If you would like to invite Prophet Theodore & Esther Aluoch  to minister in your Church or at your event, please visit the contact us page of this website.

We will prayerfully consider any ministry invitation. We go by the leading of the Holy Spirit and are not concerned with the size of the crowd. Basically, wherever there is a hunger for God – we will go!
Do not hesitate to call us at: (614) 206 2855 or email us at: calltoholiness@cthim.org.

In Christ,

Prophet Theodore & Esther Aluoch

Call To Holiness International Ministry