Now, let me get to the exposition of your prophecies, which is the primary job of this e-mail. If you end up appreciating these enough, please add some new text to each prophetic vid under whatever text you already have, starting with the heading "UPDATE (on March 9, 2018) from a brother" and then pasting the exposition I give for each. 
Below are 2 Sections: SECTION 1 (WHAT HAS COME TRUE), 
This handy guide can conserve for you hours of time in researching the prophecies and in replaying the vids. I also think it necessary to comment on one of your teaching vids.
In the text and replies below, I'll share what has come true. YouTube on May 27, 2010. He shared a vision of a coming deadly shooting in Arizona, by a mad man with a gun in the city, doing much damage before being caught. He said that enough repentance and praying could possibly stop it. This turned out to be the sad anti-democrat 2011 Tucson shooting by Jared Lee Loughner, in which 18 people were shot at a supermarket and 6 died. This was before shootings became more common.
YouTube assigns Jan 31, 2011 when this same black dude described the events he foresaw that God said (see part one) would occur in 2011-2012: a passing away of a great preacher [not merely pastor] in America and respected all over the world (which ended up being David Wilkerson, a few months later), "then big hailstones, the size which [he supposes in his vision] America has never seen before in Jacksonville FL" (for which I can find only a 2011 YouTube vid remaining from someone who recorded it and said it did much damage in that city, thus meaning the average stone was larger than they were ready for), hurricane-winds/hurricanes [as it seemed in his sight] in Jacksonville FL" (for which we have the damaging 2012 Tropical Storm Beryl, which professionals deemed just short of technical hurricane status), Georgia state having difficulty to eat food (which occurred in 2011 when there was a huge deficiency of harvesters for its crops, due to a harsh immigration law they set up, which law they thought would bring no penalty because they listened to teachers who taught the lie of twisted grace that says "once saved always saved"), great [by his measurement] persecution [i.e. harassment] on the churches and loss of church buildings (which was hitting in 2011 amidst financial troubles and legal harassment), a "great tsunami" sweeping over Caribbean islands (most probably he saw the tsunami-like storm surge from hurricane Sandy with the eye of the storm coming ashore just west of Santiago de Cuba with waves up to 29 feet), floods going into Hawaii (which tsunami even reached Cali, coming from the big 2011 Japan quake). Here is the link to part 2 of the vid, where he shares his visions.
YouTube Feb 8, 2011. This must be part 3 mislabeled as "part 2". He saw a mighty earthquake in New Zealand, bigger [in impact] than contemporaries had seen before. This came true as the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, occurring only days later on the 22, magnitude 6.3, killing more than 180 people and injuring several thousand.
YouTube Feb 8, 2011. He was told by God about a coming spirit of delusion, standing against the rules that were necessitated by Christ. I have seen it.
YouTube March 15, 2011. God told him that Qaddafi (a.k.a. Gaddafi) of Libya would have a celebrated fall from power and be assassinated by one of his own people. Gaddafi was going to have a shot to his forehead and bullets all over his body. Then there was going to be civil unrest for a time until the nation was converted to Islam (and thus Christians had to flee). All these things occurred, the assassination being in October that year (2011) by members of the rebel faction that had turned against him. Theodore also said that the Christian message can still reach Libya through broadcasting and that the only peaceful solution to the world is not weapons of war but is the coming of Christ the King over Kings.
YouTube March 15, 2011. God told him the next big disaster for U.S. was going to be on NYC, showing to him buildings swaying, some buildings falling, and streets torn up. It was going to be worse for NYC than 9/11 was. He mistakenly thought it would be an earthquake (as he says in his Aug 24, 2011 vid, titled "RUSSIA ATTACKS AMERICA & ECONOMY FALL & FAMINE PROPHECY"), but it seems he later added Hurricane Sandy to the vid label for the NYC disaster, because the hurricane did all these things at the end of October 2012. The storm surge even tore up roads near the coast. It was the second costliest (after Katrina) hurricane in U.S. history and its residual effects were still being discussed in news articles when it was exceeded by Harvey in 2017.
YouTube Jan 6, 2012. Prophecies to come true in 2012. God said the economy was going to decline a little more (which it did). God told him to pray for North and South Sudan, because of coming tribal clashes between them with much destruction and slaughtering (which occurred in 2012, especially involving the Heglig Crisis). It was going to be a year of some of Ezekiel's visions about Israel coming true. Iran was going to be shaken with a historic earthquake that [in its peculiar effect] the people have never experienced before, exposing their vulnerability and the evil secrets of Ahmadinejad on global TV, punishing their hatred for Israel. The days of Tehran regime oppressing Christians and threatening the world had come to an end. The heat and intensity of whatever they had hidden in the ground was going to come out on Iranian national TV because of the quake. (Indeed, the not-most-destructive doublet earthquake of 2012 exposed the vulnerability of Iranian people with the incompetent corruption of Ahmadinejad and the contemporary regime in Tehran, who were clearly far more concerned about gaining nuclear power and destroying Israel than being ready to help the stricken people that they governed. Was it now any secret where all the government money had been spent? Why did they show so little concern for the disaster? This event irreparably solidified the ruin of their reputation with the voting Iranian public and swayed these Iranians toward a more liberal democracy as never before in their governmentally developed history.) He said, "then" afterward Iran was going to be punished with war and pestilence (where "then" could indicate beyond that year, though the vague description can fit in 2012). The Euro money was going to be weakened (which occurred). Consequent to the weakening Euro, many nations would shift back to their old currencies (which requires a lengthy procedure that does not allow the interpretation that it all would occur in 2012). It was going to be a year of birth pains for U.S. America, with more earthquakes (which occurred and has continued in subsequent years, being especially associated with fracking and old mine shafts). God made special mention of Utah state (which ended up having the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and very destructive wildfires). See next reply for the part 2 vid.
YouTube Jan 7, 2012. More for 2012. There was going to be a flag at half mast in America for the death of an old very popular and high-up politician (which ended up being the senator and President pro tempore Daniel K. Inouye who died on Dec 17, though Theodore thought it was the U.S. ambassador John Christopher Stevens who died in the 2012 Benghazi attack on September 11 when the flag was already at half mast in memory of the famous 9/11 terrorist attack of 2001). There was going to be the death of a very popular great American preacher, one respected all over the world, passing into the hands of God (which preacher ended up being Charles W. Colson who died on April 21, second in popularity after Billy Graham). In God taking those who are the greatest of the evangelists that America has ever known, it was a sign that God would raise new evangelists. There was going to be an earthquake in Utah, a destruction in Utah (which occurred in the unusually severe seasonal fires in June, with the 2012 Lighthouse Fire being found to have been caused by natural rock-fall and perhaps the same is true for the big Clay Springs Fire, which rock-fall would probably be driven by a quick little localized quake). Christians needed to pray for Southern California to relent from evil. The people of Southern Cali were being reminded that (if they not relent) a big quake is coming and God is going to shake them twice as hard as the last time when the porn industry was nearly ruined (which must refer to the 1994 Northridge earthquake), particularly this warning applies to L.A. (which he mistakenly calls Las Vegas as he also did in his 2011 April 14 vid of an L.A. earthquake prophecy). He adds that Northern Sudan was going to have unrest and famine (which occurred, the famine being brought on by the predictable conflict of the year). 2012 was going to be earth's worst disaster year in history yet. (2011 was worse in USA, but 2012 was probably the most disastrous year yet globally. Global warming has caused natural disasters to be on an upward trend.) There was going to be a leadership regime struggle in North Korea, because the hierarchy had a lot of dissatisfaction toward the newer leadership and the military was planning to take over (which is the widely accepted logical explanation for the disappearance of Vice Marshal Ri Yong-ho who is thought to have attempted overthrowing the recently instated Kim Jong-un).
YouTube Jan 18, 2012. America (having rejected God) would vote in that year for the wrong man just as they had done in the previous election. Theodore seems to have thought it was a reference to Romney, probably not expecting that America would actually choose Obama again. He also states his misconception that US America has a highly moral Christian history from its beginning. It has had its moral Christian highs and the present low is coming off of one of those highs.
YouTube Sept 15, 2014. The nation of Belgium was going to be hit by a disastrous terrorist attack. Theodore saw tall buildings (or "building" if his plural refers to an inner view of parts of one greater building) collapsing and people running. It was going to be an attempt on the U.N. building near the strike area (here he possibly meant the E.U. building, just as he mistakenly uses Las Vegas as an interchangeable name for the L.A. area in California). On the morning of 2016 March 22, two suicide terrorist nail bombs went off at Brussels Airport in Zaventem (probably meant as a diversion and causing the airport ceiling to collapse), then little over one hour later another bomb went off at Maalbeek metro station in central Brussels (near European Union buildings). He later posted another YouTube vid, confirming this event was what he had foreseen. This was before terrorist attacks had become commonplace in the west.
YouTube Feb 2, 2015. He foresaw the death of Billy Graham, it was the death of a saint and many religious leaders would reconsider the quality of their service to God.
Lois also received a message from God, saying Billy Graham is a saint taken home to be with God.
This vid shows Billy never stopped preaching Christ as the only way to God.
YouTube Sept 24, 2015. God showed to Theodore a fast moving subway train, then darkness hovering over a city, people coming from the specific subway station, the city of the twin towers (New York City), yellow cabs, tall buildings. God said "Now warn these people, I have pronounced my judgment upon this city, upon this nation, since they have a deal with the Persians" (the Iran nuke deal that should be expected to feed terrorism, especially against Jews) "They have neglected my people [the Jews], now they will experience the problems of my people [i.e. a lot of terrorist-type violence, shootings, and bombings]. Warn them of the things you've seen and tell them these are things that shortly will come upon this [specific] place that I've shown to you." Then he saw what looked like an explosion in that place. "Warn these people to relent and return to Me." A little over 2 years later, 11 Dec 2017, a lone Muslim terrorist man at an NYC Times Square subway station detonated a suicidal pipe bomb that only partially exploded, burning him and injuring 3 other people, severely disrupting subway service for several hours. In his "U.S. 2016 Election" vid, Theodore stated his impression that it would cause much death and destruction, but this prophecy itself does not reveal it being one way or the other. It would have been much worse if the bomb had fully exploded. In my research, this seems to be the first time a Muslim suicide bomber detonated his bomb in an NYC subway.
This vid exposes the sad reality of the Iran nuke deal and it uses the 2015 San Bernardino terrorist attack (on Dec 2) as an example of how U.S. America would more experience the problems of God's people (the Jews). Is it a meaningless coincidence that these perpetrators were Muslim terrorists?
God said the severity was decreased for the 2017 NYC subway bombing (with the bomb not fully exploding) because Trump has blessed Israel. God was then going to show further blessing to America (which has been occurring for Trump, despite the natural disasters).
YouTube Nov 17, 2015. Trump was a pretender, a wolf in sheep's clothing, he was in the end going to be worse than Obama. God instead supported Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee. Christians were instructed to pray that these two would work together. The woman prophet Lois Vogel Sharp says God told her that He is using Trump for at least some good. She had an opinion that God would want people to vote Trump and she has a high opinion of Trump in general, which OPINION contradicts Theodore's prophecy, but her prophecy (message from God) itself does not contradict Theodore in speaking of Trump.
YouTube Sept 17, 2017. The presidential election voting in Kenya was going to occur much more peacefully this time (occurred before posting vid). Then there was going to be a dispute (started to occur before posting vid). This time, Raila Odinga will become Kenya's fifth President (which Raila asserted after this vid was posted). Ultimately, Kenya will be divided and the presidency lost if the people will not take turns with the presidency to represent each tribal faction.