Recover thyself is a practical guide to gaining personal victory over the powers of darkness! This book will show you how to break every demonic stronghold," Prophet Theodore will help you to recognize demonic activity within your life; banish evil spirits; block access gained through generational sin, fear, and trauma; and more. Recover thyself is not a conclusive, comprehensive guide on the subject of deliverance. You may still need to seek help from experts in deliverance. This book is dedicated to those who are seeking physical, emotional healing /or freedom from demonic oppression. And are unable to find a deliverance minister, or someone gifted with the gifts of healing, then this book will help you to find healing and freedom in the convenience of your home.
During his ministry on earth Jesus did not only preach the gospel of the kingdom. But he healed the sick and delivered those in bondage. That same Jesus wants to bring the same freedom to people today! This book will equip you with practical, convenient and reliable tools for receiving self-deliverance: Now at the convenience of your home you can be set free from bondage and experience spiritual freedom and healing right where you are in Jesus name.  In "Recover Thyself" you'll learn
  1.  Spiritual Warfare…
  2.  Access Points and Levels of Oppression
  3. The Hindering Things
  4. How to perform Self-Deliverance
  5. What to do after deliverance
Satan never takes vacation in this warfare—and neither should you. Learn how to fight for your freedom, learn how to sustain your freedom. Learn how to fortify yourself from fiery darts of the oppressor. Learn how to live within the protective hedge of God's peace and presence.