Ministry” comes the Greek for “to serve.” So when we talk about our ministries, we’re talking about the different ways  we serve as a church. We choose to do this because we strive to be like Jesus Christ. He came into the world to serve others, not to be served.
CTHIM ministry is a place of life, renewal, and hope. Whether you’re new to our ministry or have been attending our services , we challenge you to get involved and grow. We believe the pathway toward spiritual and personal growth is found by engaging in a consistent lifestyle of prayer, worship, and study. Taking advantage of learning opportunities, inviting others on our journey, and reaching out to those in need with encouragement, support, and giving.
As the Church, it is our aim to love God and love others. We invite you take advantage of our many ministries here at New Mercy. This is our way of saying we want to serve you and that we love you just as Christ loved and served us.