Elder/ Minister Cheryl Sexton, Minister/Exhorter/ Helps
cell: 614 206 2855
Email: calltoholiness@cthim.org

Minister Cheryl  is An exhorter. Her central motivational drive is to encourage believers to mature in Christ and to grow spiritually. She seeks to stimulate  and help with development by discipling, teaching, and counseling others.Her job is to give hope by sharing a biblical perspective on the situation and reminding people of God’s power, love, and faithfulness. She is also used greatly in the ministry of helps. Helps is mentioned as one of the ministry gifts following miracles and gifts of healings.  Helps is a ministry not an obligation,  it is serving others. It doesn't matter if it is ushering,  greeting, children's, cleaning or nursery, Minister Cheryl has been a perfect example and a role model  of servitude to our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church.