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Do you understand that Deliverance ministry can only work or be effective if you have a true relationship with Jesus Christ, or are willing to come into a close relationship with Jesus, and adhere to the spiritual instructions and principles that are stipulated in the bible? deliverance CANNOT be successful with unforgiveness in your life. Unforgiveness is the legal permission for demons to torment you: Matthew 18:23-35. To refuse to forgive is to exalt yourself above God, or claim to be better than him. Are you willing to forgive all those who have wronged you or hurt you ?
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Do YOU admit that you personally sought for help for deliverance from CTHIM MINISTRY by your own volition and was not in any way coerced into this decision and will not sue or blame CTHIM MINISTRY or its entrusted ministers for services offered?
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Do Hereby admit and sign this form confirming my acceptance and willingness to go through this spiritual freedom prayer session and the above aforementioned facts are true about me and my decision to go through this process.
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