Prophetic Mentorship

Mentoring describes a process of developing a man or woman to his/her maximum potential in Jesus Christ.This may include, striving to be role models of a biblical, holy lifestyle, Supervising & providing spiritual directions as guided by the HolySpirit. Encourage and support growth areas in the mentee, Confront & challenge thoughts, behaviors, and actions which do not line up with God's word. Assist in actively thinking, speaking, and giving consistent righteous priorities and values and finally Providing a practical spiritual Biblical direction on how to draw out potential that may have been dormant

Prophetic Mentorship:

For those called in the prophetic ministry, the beginning and early development stages can be frustrating, lonely, discouraging and confusing. It helps to have a support network of brothers and sisters who are like minded.
Sadly, nowadays we have lost the concept of mentorship. There are very few who are even willing to rise up and mentor, or who would be considered healthy role models to do so. Prophetic people need a lot of mentor relationships that breed understanding. Our vision is that this prophetic ministry and movement will become a spiritual boot camp and a training forum to raise mature servants of Christ yielded to the HolySpirit.