Prophet Kelil Golie from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia was born again in 1989. This radical spiritual transformation brought about a radical change in his life. He was baptized with the Holy Spirit six months after being saved in 1990. That dynamic and powerful experience created in him a holy hunger and thirst for the things of God, ultimately leading him to his calling to serve in the prophetic ministry.

He specifically knew and heard from the Lord that He was called to serve the body of Christ in this capacity, and his calling has been confirmed by many gifted prophetic ministries, although there were no Prophetic Schools and Prophetic Mentors that could help him significantly grow in this ministry. The last 15 years have been years of preparation and molding for the coming glorious works.

He has been serving the Lord in a leadership position for several years, and faithfully preaching and teaching the uncompromised word of God in his local community ministry and beyond. Prophet Kelil has been trained, equiped and recieves spiritual covering from Call To Holiness Intl Ministry under the leadership of Prophet Theodore Aluoch.

Kelil Golie Dakamo, Prophet/Preacher/Teacher
Phone:+251 91 319 9981
Address: P.O.Box 11625
  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia